Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Radical Radish

Serendipity! This is one of the most well know situations in the scientific life as well as the kitchen life. But there are many situations that lead to serendipity. For example, this one in the kitchen. A few years back I opened my fridge on a Sunday afternoon only to discover that I just have a bunch of radish left. No other vegetables and no lentils either. Germany being comfortable in so many ways, loses out on no-shopping-sundays. Well, if you really need something, there are places to go and distances to travel and then shop. But, as I already mentioned before, Sunday! So taken into account the laze factor and that it was snowing outside, I wanted to make something tasty with what I have. And I succeeded quite well :-)

A bunch of radish-tamarind-chili powder-cumin powder-coriander seed powder-salt-fresh/desiccated coconut-mustard seeds-cumin seeds-oil

Wash and cut the radish into pieces of 4. If you do not get the small radish bunch, you can always use the normal white long and tastier one that we get in India! Heat 2 spoons of oil (sesame/sunflower) in a pan and pop the mustard and cumin seeds on it. Add the cut pieces of radish and sprinkle necessary salt over it and let it get 60% done. At maximum heat it takes only 5 minutes for this. Extract the juice from a lime sized tamarind and pour into the radish. If you are going to use tamarind paste, then dilute one spoon of the tamarind in 250ml water and then add to the radish. Immediately add along 1 spoon of chili powder, 1 spoon of coriander seed powder (dhaniya) and half a spoon of cumin powder. Sprinkle hing and turmeric. Lower the heat to medium and close the pan. Allow the radish to get cooked in the tamarind juice. When the tamarind juice starts to boil, open the lid and cook  until almost 90% of water has evaporated. Add the desiccated coconut powder or the freshly scrapped coconut, stir and garnish with fresh coriander leaves. Serve with hot rice. 

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