Thursday, August 4, 2011

Potato au gratin!

Yo, food blog after a long time! Surprises are good, so I have heard and so I have experienced quite recently. So in celebration of my surprise, I decided to surprise some people with this food blog. I know this sounds lame, nevertheless, let move on to food.

Potatoes are fascinating and probably there are very few people in the world who can hate them. Boiled, fried, grilled, baked or even in the form of vodka, potatoes are everywhere. Almost every guy who starts to cook, especially abroad, makes the traditional urulakezhangu fry (potato fry) and proudly starts his kitchen career. I was no exception. My first in Germany was potato fry and I used the spices available in the German supermarket and was quite proud of my near desi flavour. Years have passed since that first potato fry and lead me this current potato au gratin.

It might not be the traditional au gratin, so people wanting to complain, I already accept this. Nevertheless, here is how I made this tasty yet another poetic potato.

Potatoes-onions-cream-butter-gouda cheese-salt-nutmeg-thyme-basil-pepper.

Select big potatoes (be it any kind) and peel the skin off. Make thin slices and arrange them on a bake proof glassware (or ceramic). Fry onion in butter and spread a layer of fried onion over the potatoes. Arrange potatoes slices again over this. Take 300ml of 30% cream and mix into it salt, powdered nutmeg, thyme, basil and freshly ground black pepper. Pour this evenly all over the potatoes. Add one more layer of fried onions if desired and spread the shredded Gouda cheese over this. Gouda can be substituted with cedar cheese or the common store sold pizza cheese. Pre heat the oven for 10 minutes at 200 C and then bake for 30 minutes with heating from top and bottom.


  1. Finally, after a looooong time :-)

  2. Your poetic potato sounds damn yummy :)

    awww with Potatoes-onions-cream-butter-gouda cheese-salt-nutmeg-thyme-basil-pepper, nothing can go wrong. Absolutely impressive :)