Thursday, June 10, 2010

Inspirations and Introductions

My friends call me the part time scientist, for according to them, I do more cooking in the kitchen than working at the lab. Why not keep this as the title of my blog?! The truth about starting this blog is not that I dont get time to blog about other things and travel, but to dedicate one to my spiritual self, the chef in me. And to be honest, I am starting this blog only after watching Julie and Julia. But here I am taking up no challenge nor am I going to follow any particular cook book. These are just going to my cooking experiences, straight from the kitchen.

My first cooking dates back to home alone times with my sister. I was forbidden to cook in the kitchen when my parents were there, for it involved hot water, hot oil and fire. No risks and they were right. So, whenever we had a chance, I my sister would peel the garlic pods and I would melt ghee and then saute the whole garlic pods in them and roast them with a dash of pepper and salt. And after consuming this delicacy, I would spray room freshener in the kitchen to remove the garlic smell and also chew fennel seeds to freshen the mouth!
I still remember how mom used to say, "you are going to be a chef, why are you studying all these, go, dont show so much interest in food and cooking".

There cannot be a better cook than dear Mom. I remember the countless times I have pestered her for Malai Kofta. Every time my  mom would ask me what to cook, the reply would be Malai Kofta! Numerous pesterings have also been rewarded a few times! So, no complaints! And I love her imagination. When Pizza in those days meant spending hundreds of rupees in Pizza corner, she made the best pizza I have ever tasted till date just using dosa plate! The yet another euphoria that grew on on me was her enthusiasm whilst buying vegetables. The best outings we had together was to the markets, mornings and evenings. Sadly, dear old Thanni thurai market has been compromised for modern commercial buildings. I still pause whenever I cross a vegetable market here in Germany and my eyes brighten up when I see something special or fresh or on reduced price!

Cooking is like a spiritual practice, it is meditation, it is innovation, it is when you break the rules and create new flavors. Cooking alone is like a solo ballet or like a Karate kata performance. You control and you execute. There are no bad moves. Likewise, there are no bad recipes. Every thing depends on how you handle it. And, of course, any one can cook!

I have a feeling this blog is here to stay and grow, lets see, if I am able to write as much as I cook!

Oh, PS : Dont trust a lean cook!

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  1. Its really good to see someone so passionate abt cooking just as I am. I honestly love the way you write, the name of the blog, the titles you give and also the burner flame background. I'm gonna be here often to see wats up in your kitchen. So keep feeling me with your yummylicious experiments dear scientist :)